I'm Kelsey! I am 23 years old and a California native. I love my family, movies, travel, good light & Jesus. I am a recent graduate of Biola University in Southern California, with a degree in Journalism & Visual Media. I like a good story, a real smile, and passionate people. And I like capturing all that with a camera.

I am a portrait, wedding & lifestyle photographer, striving to capture moments and stories journalistically. I believe weddings are beautiful, monumental occasions of love that should be documented and celebrated for years to come. I want to capture your day fully, showing off you and your love one's truest selves & the things that are most important to you both. 

PS. I just got married... greatest thing ever. 

I am currently located in Northern California, but ready and willing to travel anywhere!


If you are interested if working with me, contact me here:

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