I'm happy you're here!

Working with me looks like lots of laughter (probably because I’m making a fool of myself), snuggling your person, and blasting some music while we shoot somewhere pretty. I’ll give you guys the space to be yourself, snuggle with your loved one & create something special that you can cherish forever.

My hope is that for people I work with, photography is so much more than just something to check off your wedding checklist. To them, it is an investment in the memories + moments that they are creating. To them, the moments are way more important than getting the pretty pictures.

If I’m part of your wedding day, you can bet I’m going to pour my heart & soul into capturing your day and deliver you images full of love and emotion. I don’t just want to be another vendor you hire to cross that item off the list. I hope you can connect with me, my work, and my heart as a photographer because I firmly believe that is a recipe for some meaningful (& pretty!) images.

If this stuff is speaking to your heart then I think we are going to be a perfect fit. I am so excited to hear from you!